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One article I read on use of aspirin to stimulate plants' immune systems
suggested that too high a concentration of aspirin was ineffective.  In
other words, its dose-response curve is apparently bell-shaped.  In the
article, the optimum concentration worked out to be more like one 325 mg
aspirin tablet per gallon, as far as I can recall.

I think this is an area that needs a bit of research -- unfortunately,
research is a difficult commodity to acquire.  I'd suggest starting in th=e
range of one 325 mg aspirin in 1 quart to 1 gallon (ca. 1 L. to 4 L.) of
water. One U.S. gallon = 3785 mL, so 1 quart = ca. 946 mL.

Using hydrogen peroxide or diluted household bleach can also clean up
infected tubers, bulbs, and plants.  I've successfully used 1% hydrogen
peroxide (the usual 3% drugstore solution diluted 1 : 3 with water) and
0.5% sodium hypochlorite (household 5% bleach diluted 1 : 10) on various
sorts of bulbs and plants, but never on Arisaema.

Jim Shields

At 03:46 PM 1/14/2006 -0600, you wrote:
>Presoaking the tuber with an aspirin dilution of one 325 mg aspirin tabl=et
>per quart  might also help since it probably will stimulate the plant's
>immune system.  There is no reason for not using a 2x stronger dilution
>but no information on whether it would help.   I have not yet been able =to
>save an arisaema tuber with this, but then, I probably did not debride
>enough of the diseased tissue on the species I treated.    It would have
>left nothing. I should have taken off the developing buds and kept
>them.     (dahaiense tubers --2001)
>References for acetysalicylic acid to manage plant disease are on the
>web,. Keywords: aspirin, plant SAR, acetyl salicyclic acid, viral,
>Erwinia, arabidopsis.

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