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Arno--How do you store them moist?  In a refrigerator on a wire rack with=a
pan of water in it, say at about 45=B0 F (5-10=B0 C)?

Wrapped in moist sphagnum?.  What kind of peat moss?  How do you keep the=m
from drying out in the refrigerator?-- (if that's where they are)  sealed=in
a plastic bag  or wrapped in a plastic ?  Is there no  problem with
insufficient air circulation?

Your comment about "very wet"  suggests that the way for me to go is the
opposite of what I've been doing.

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From: "Louis-Xavier DELECOUR" <lxadelecour at NORDNET.FR>
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 4:40 AM
Subject: Re: Arisaema griffithii, Van Bourgondien

> Is it possible to know the name of wholesale nursery which sell arisaem=a
> in netherlands?
> Xavier
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> From: "Arno Clement" <al.clement at PLANET.NL>
> Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 2:48 PM
> Subject: Re: Arisaema griffithii, Van Bourgondien
>>I don't know any Nursery here in Holland that grows Arisaema griffithii
>> the tubers that are sold by Dutch nursery's are imported from India.
>> And 18 USD for one tuber is a high price, you can buy Arisaema griffit=hii
>> tuber at wholesale price for 2.3 Euro.
>> The problem with most of the Arisaema's from India is that they are
>> shipped
>> the wrong way. They don't like to be dry during the dormant period. A =few
>> years ago I did import 100 tubers of A. griffithii, 100 A. utile, 100 =A.
>> nepenthoides, 100 A. costatum, 100 A. galeatum, 100 A. speciosum and 1=00
>> A.
>> concinnum directly form India. The tubers were not all for me but it w=as
>> a
>> combined order of 5 Dutch Arisaema Enthusiasts. With some of the speci=es
>> I
>> had some bad results, and most of us had the same results.
>> I had 30 tubers of each species and in the first year I lost 12 A.
>> griffithii 10 A. utile 8 A. nepenthoids 1 A. costaum 28 A. galeatum 10=A.
>> speciosum and 2 A. concinnum. This is most likely do to the bad shippi=ng
>> of the tubers, I received them stored dry, and after the first year I
>> stored them all in damp peat moss during the dormant period. (I grow m=y
>> Arisaema's in pots).
>> And the second growing season I lost only 1 A. griffithii and 2 A.
>> speciosum. And last year I only lost 1 A. speciosum.
>> If you want to tray A. griffithii don't order just one tuber but buy
>> large
>> amounts you will certainly loss 40 % of them in the first year.
>> I grow my A. griffithii in plastic pots and I grow them very wet, and
>> they
>> like it that way
>> With best wishes,
>> Arno Clement
>> The Netherlands
>> zone 8
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>> From: "Bonaventure Magrys" <bonaventure at OPTONLINE.NET>
>> Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 7:48 PM
>> Subject: Arisaema griffithii, again
>>> Looks like Van Bourgondien ( is offering Arisaema
>> griffithii, 1 for $17.99, 2 for $34.98, 3 for $50.97.
>>> My question for them is, have the grown them through a full year
>> successfully, including a full dormancy cycle, or are these imported
>> directly from India? What can we expect of you? Eager Arisaema-L membe=rs
>> want to know.
>>> Bonaventure Magrys
>>> Cliffwood Beach, NJ USA
>>> Please respond to ARISAEMA-L at NIC.SURFNET.NL or bonaventure at optonline.=net

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