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If you look through the species list that came with your AEG infopack=2=0
you'll find many recognized hybrids. This should give you a clue as to= 
which species readily hybridize.


At  1/14/2006 12:26 PM, you wrote:
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>Subject: Cross pollination?
>Hello all,
>i'm planting nearly  25    varieties got from Chen and Ganesh in a
>piece of woodland, to grow them toward naturalization.
>I hope i'll have seeds from them next Autumn, but i think
>cross-pollination may give hybrid seeds; has someone news about cross
>pollination and which varieties do it  more ?
>No information on this that I have seen, perhaps it exists somewhere.  B=ut=
>in general, hybridization is more likely between those that have the sam=e=
>chromosome numbers.
>which minimum distance
>between the flowerbeds is necessary to minimize that chance ( risk) ? ,
>That would depend on the pollinating agent. Fruit flies probably don't f=ly=
>more than 6 feet  (don't know)  but wind could blow them.  Better to use=a=
>gauze bag to cover them to be sure , made up from old nylon or silk 
>stocking which works well with a wire or plant tie to keep it on and hel=d=
>may different plants help in dividing the Arisaema, better  flowers or
>plants  like Maples or similar?
>I don't understand the question.  A pollinator attracted to the scents o=f=
>the flowers in question could fly between any plants I can imagine.
>Adam in Glenview, IL  About  35=B0 F--+3=B0 C
>North of Italy
>zone 6/7                         ( this morning at 9AM   -12=B0 in ope=n
>lawn      -7=B0  near the house    -2=B0 in the wood  )

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