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In my experience, you can leave off the "shoot".


At  1/12/2006 10:12 AM, you wrote:
>By the way...
>I also received A-145 from Chen Yi.  She sent me 2 pictures, one of a ch=ain
>of tubers (looks like dog poop), and the other of a plant in bloom.  I
>forwarded these to Arno for help with an ID and he said that they were 2
>different plants!
>The plant in bloom is a Typhonium, and the tubers are an Amorphophallus =-
>likely Am. coaetaneus!  Chen Yi strikes again, if you've ordered from he=r
>you know its a crap shoot.  I'd like to know if you received something
>different from me.
>And, by the way, my 2 A-145's are in pots turning to mush as I write -
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>From: <mailto:a.j.willis at TALK21.COM>tony willis
>Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 7:05 AM
>Subject: chen yi
>I have bought quite a few things over the last 3 years including a coupl=e
>of arisaem.My first year was awful as the plants arrive in December wash=ed
>and very small.I was ill prepared and made a mess of them.
>Since then I have ordered paris primula dysosma epimediums and lots of
>They are all looking great and I am now propagating from them.
>It is true the names are a mess but there are lots of goodies amongst th=em.
>I think the last list was the 1994 one and nothing much changes.
>Beware the prices are very cheap but the postage is horrendous, you need
>to order a lot to make the unit price reasonable.
>The delete button has proved pretty useful this last few days!!
>Tony Willis
>NW England

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