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Thu Jan 12 17:11:49 CET 2006

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From: Scherberich David <aroids at NUMERICABLE.FR>
Subject: Re: chen yi (and A-145)
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I received it as well and it turned out to be an evergreen
species of Amorphophallus, with unmottled pale green petiole ...
either A. pingbianensis or A. coaetaneus ...

David Scherberich

Selon Russell Coker <cokerra at BELLSOUTH.NET>:

> By the way...
> I also received A-145 from Chen Yi.  She sent me 2 pictures,
> one of a chain
> of tubers (looks like dog poop), and the other of a plant in
> bloom.  I
> forwarded these to Arno for help with an ID and he said that
> they were 2
> different plants!
> The plant in bloom is a Typhonium, and the tubers are an
> Amorphophallus - most
> likely Am. coaetaneus!  Chen Yi strikes again, if you've
> ordered from her
> you know its a crap shoot.  I'd like to know if you received
> something
> different from me.
> And, by the way, my 2 A-145's are in pots turning to mush as I
> write -
> damnit!!
> Russell
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>   From: tony willis
>   Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 7:05 AM
>   Subject: chen yi
>   I have bought quite a few things over the last 3 years
> including a couple of arisaem.My first year was awful as the
> plants arrive in December washed and very small.I was ill
> prepared and made a mess of them.
>   Since then I have ordered paris primula dysosma epimediums
> and lots of gesneriads.
>   They are all looking great and I am now propagating from
> them.
>   It is true the names are a mess but there are lots of
> goodies amongst them.
>   I think the last list was the 1994 one and nothing much
> changes.
>   Beware the prices are very cheap but the postage is
> horrendous, you need to order a lot to make the unit price
> reasonable.
>   The delete button has proved pretty useful this last few
> days!!
>   Tony Willis
>   Chorley
>   NW England

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