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Hey y'all.

I just received a shipment from Chen Yi.  One of the new Arisaemas she
offered is an unidentified species from Yunnan, Zhong-Dian, listed as A-1=47.
She sent me pictures of the tubers, and what arrived actually looks like =the
photo (for what that's worth).  They are quite large and I expect that th=ey
will bloom this spring.  If all goes as planned, I'll have some pictures =to
share for a possible ID.  Has anyone else ordered this from her?

Also, has anyone ordered plants other than Arisaemas from her?  I've orde=red
lilies and Paris, both have worked out well for me.  The Paris are odd
little plants, with the exception of P. vietnamensis - which was an odd B=IG
plant about 2 feet tall.

Thanks, Russell

lovely Mobile, AL   zone 8b

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