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Just to introduce another vector here.   In science few things are ever
"proved " by experiment.  They are measured, they are tested, but not
proved, because in an "experiment" -- as usually thought of with necessar=y
controls (including controls for time as a variable) -- the testable
hypothesis is stated as a statistical "null" .

The hypothesis in question can only be "disproved".  Anything in its fav=or
is regarded not as "proof" but as evidence in its favor.  The development=of
fact in today's science generally comes about by gradual accretion and
amassing of lots and lots of evidence, with little or no evidence of
contrary data.

For those who got in on this rather exciting flurry of exchanges.  There =is
among others, an extended, learned, and politically neutral bit of histor=y
on the usage of the term "politically correct" on the web.  I learned fro=m
it. It is at

George is probably correct, in that one "can't really change anyone's min=d
with this kind of discussion".   And I will leave any discussion of the w=hy
that might be so, to your examination of how the discussion developed and
grew--if you didn't delete it all already.  I take  responsibility for th=e
extended off--topic diversion, and if you didn't enjoy it as a diversion,
I'm sorry for introducing it, but it sure spiced things up there for a
while, and I liked that!  I know some of you probably did too.   Best wis=hes
to all, Adam in Glenview,IL--edging well up into USDA Z 6.  The maps from
three years ago for our area seem to have been revised.

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