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Sun Jan 8 11:25:33 CET 2006

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From: David Cowan <david at COWAN44.FREESERVE.CO.UK>
Subject: Grow Lights

Hi All,

I'm fairly new to this group but I have been watching for some time. I
must say its a fantastic resourse for anyone, like me, just starting with
an interest in arisaemas. I've been reading the notes on culture on the
arisaema-l site where mention was made of the use of grow lights to
shorten the annual growth cycle.

I've A number of small tubers from the seed distribution in the summer an=d
I've identified a cupboard for the purpose. I was wondering if anyone can
guide me as to the size of light fitting to use and the distance it shoul=d
be placed above the plants. Do I also need to provide small amounts of UV

Thanks and regards,

David Cowan

Zone 8 Scotland UK

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