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I've killed several A. griffithii in the past couple years.  A few pots i=n
the cool greenhouse produced one bloom and two rotted tubers.  After
blooming, that one also rotted away.  Two others were planted outdoors in
the ground, in a mass of sugar maple tree roots in my little woods.  I
haven't yet seen any sign of them since planting them.  At this point, I'=m
0 out of 5 on griffithii.

One A. sikokianum has come back three or four years and bloomed each time=,
planted in the same little woods but on a bit of slightly higher ground,
near the base of a spindly Douglas Fir.  I have not had the courage to tr=y
sikokianum anywhere else so far!

A. candidissimum has not survived here beyond one or two winters when
planted at the edge of my little patch of woods.  A. consanguineum is
surviving around the edges of this woods.  A. serratum survived two winte=rs
in the woods, then disappeared.

I'm afraid my climate here is neither mild enough nor dry enough for some
of these borderline hardy Arisaema species.

Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

At 08:54 PM 1/5/2006 -0400, you wrote:
>On a general note, by planting at the base of a tree, particularily a
>conifer, Tony is helping the drainage because the tree roots will sop up=a
>lot of moisture. Conifers are particularily good in this case I would
>guess because they continue to pull water in the winter. The conifer is
>also a bit of an indicator of the soil moisture in winter; if it doesn't
>die then probably there is enough moisture there for other plants except
>perhaps in the odd pocket.
>I have found numbers of non-Arisaema bulbs that will not survive here
>(other than by accident for a year or so) except in the root zone of a
>tree or shrub
>not exactly experienced with Arisaemas  but moving in that direction...
>Leo Smit
>Mt Uniacke, Nova Scotia, Canada
>USDA Zone 5-ish, semi-maritime
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>From: Adam Fikso <<mailto:irisman at AMERITECH.NET>irisman at AMERITECH.NET>
>Date: Thursday, January 05, 2006 13:25
>Subject: Re: Arisaema griffithii
>Thanks, Tony.  The   problem I have is: what consituttes exceptionally
>good drainage while still offering something more nutritious than coarse
>sand and gravel deep enough (8-10 inches--Chicago area) to protect it fr=om
>-20=B0 F. extremes even though we haven't had one of those since 1985
> I recall, somebody,maybe Pascal said that this was one of the
>species that shouldn't dry out over the winter.  Striking that balance i=s
>what's hard. ...
>Adam in Glenview
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>From: "Tony Avent" <<mailto:tony at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM>tony at PLANTDELIGHTS.CO=M>
>Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 7:04 AM
>Subject: Re: Arisaema griffithii
> > Adam:
> >
> >    I assumed that we could not grow Arisaema griffithii after killing
> > dozens of them over a period of years.  Not being one to easily admit
> > defeat, we kept trying and now have A. griffithii growing and floweri=ng
> > for 2 straight years.  In my experience, it needs exceptionally good
> > drainage.  We also used the technique that we use for cyclamen and pl=ant
> > it a the base of a tree or conifer where it will get little water in =the
> > winter months.  I hope this helps.
> >
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