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Because of global warming?! That's a bit silly. Temperatures vary widely
for a given area over the years. Even if global warming is true, which
is NOT accepted, it would be a fraction of a degree and nothing that
you'd ever notice at this point.

Adam Fikso wrote:
> Hello Giorgio.  Your experiences with other foreign nurseries are worth
> mentioning.  Chen Yi has gotten sort of a "bad rap" for a number of
> reasons which she has apparently corrected.  She has offered to replace
> any of mine, but I've not taken her up on the offer because much of it
> was my fault. Your Mediterranean climate is much gentler than the
> Chicago area, but ours seems to be shifting radically and unpredictably
> as a result of global warming.
> This area seems  to be becoming a USDA Zone 6.  Aa. sikokianum,
> fargesii, candidissisum, 2 or 3 consanguineums, asperatum and the hybri=d
> sikotak  have all come through 3 winters now, with no particular care i=n
> my clayey loam with a half day's shade, planted 8" deep.  This spring
> I'll see if the nepenthoides and other treasures survived .  Adam in
> Glenview, IL

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