Tuber Exchange

Ken Landis loken423 at YAHOO.IT
Mon Nov 14 08:34:06 CET 2005

Hello everybody,
I am writing this mail to facilitate things for anyone
wanting to exchange tubers by stating what I have and
what I want.
I have a surplus of small tubers from seed planted
this year of the following varieties for EXCHANGE.
A. ciliatum (Liubanese)
A. consanguineum
A. flavum (Giganteum)
A serratum
I have the following plants so I am only interested in
other varieties.
A. ciliatum
A. cocinnum
A. consanguineum
A. flavum
A. griffithii
A. serratum
A. speciosum
A. tortuosum
A. triphyllum
If anyone wants to exchange please let me know what
you want and what you offer.
I think that one should consider that I live in Italy
so there might be problems in sending to countries
outside the EU.
I hope that in this way it will be easier for all.
All the best

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