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Hello Everyone.

My name is Russell Coker and I'm a 40 year old plant nerd landscape =architect in Mobile, Alabama.  

I met my first Arisaemas while studying bonsai in Japan in the mid ='80's.  After growing up on the beaches of north Florida, I was =fortunate enough to spend 3 years living way out in the country not far =from Nikko National Park.  The woods were full of Arisaemas, and I was =intrigued.  I had only seen "jack-in-the-pulpits" in pictures, and now =they were everywhere - in a variety of sizes and colors.  My Japanese =friends thought I was crazy for being so interested in those ugly "snake =weeds".  If I had only known then what I know now!

I brought 2 home, urashima and ringens, and they are happy here on the =Gulf Coast  But I'm learning the hard way that many aren't.  I have =hardiness questions too, but its more like "How much heat can it take?". =I'm in zone 8b, so "hardy to zone 5" doesn't do me much good.  I'm =trying my hand at the tropicals, both tubers and rhizomes, as I can find =them.

Looking forward to having a support group!  


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