unknown Aroid disease

Gerfried Deutsch gerfried.deutsch at UNI-GRAZ.AT
Wed Nov 2 18:11:16 CET 2005

I agree with you - widespread use of antibiotics is really not
necessary! I hope I will find something else to cure this disease.

Today I incubated the leaf segment in a moist chamber - if it is
bacterial there should be some mucus visible!?I will keep you informed!
best greetings,

Adam Fikso schrieb:

> Gerfried. Well, with the additional information, I suspect that  you
> were right the first time.  And, of course, buying from this grower
> would be  questionable procedure, untill he "cleans up his act".  I
> assume that you've notified him.   I guess that it's still a mystery.
>  I have not found agricultural antibiotics of much use in plant
> infections ( I have not tried them with arisaema) , but I am generally
> against their use on plants.  Thoughtless and wide-spread use of
> agricultural antibiotics is one vector in the development of resistant
> strains that kill people.
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>     Thank you all for your comments - maybe it is really a bacterial
>     disease.... (I was never thinking it could be bacterial!)
>     It first occur in spring when dormant tubers just began to grow
>     and first leaves were produced. The leaves from the first plant
>     which was infected (I bought it recently from a grower in
>     Britain)  - they were infected so
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