Arisaema cordatum

George R. Stilwell, Jr. GRSJr at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Nov 1 13:06:36 CET 2005


My records show that the A. cordatum came from Shing Lam in Hong Kong.

6 seeds germinated Mar-96

4 plants died Jul-99.

2 plants given to Tony Avent Apr-2000 one of these had bloomed.

Tony told me these two died in the winter of 2001.

So, I'm fresh out of A. cordatum and my experience is that they are very
marginally hardy here (zone 7).


At  11/1/2005 06:41 AM, you wrote:
>of course. What I really had in mind how have they been doing since
>2000,especially this spring.

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