Fw: Uromyces infections

Adam Fikso irisman at AMERITECH.NET
Fri May 27 04:16:03 CEST 2005

Subject: Uromyces infections

> Last year I posted a comment in regard to not destroying infected
> arisaemas--suggesting   instead that they be treated with a systemic
> fungicide and an aspirin drench (offering a set of key words--aspirin...
> acetylsalicylic acid... SAR)  for a web search on the utility of aspirin
> to ward off plant nfections of various kinds including erwinia,,viruses
> and various fungi.
> I can now state that the pair of   infected A. triphyllum plants that I
> treated last year, have now re-emerged with no sign of Uromyces infection.
> I regard this as success even if the sample is only n = 2;
> I bought some other plants on eBay which arrived infected, including A.
> dracontium, which I have treated, and will be able to report on them next
> year.   I used a systemic fungicide in addition to the aspirin drench of 2
> unbuffered aspirin/gallon,  followed by half of a 325 mg. tablet placed on
> the soil at the base of the stem to be dissolved over the course of the
> ensuing months as it rained.
> Evaluate it as you choose.    Adam Fikso in Glenview, IL  USDA Zone 5a

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