A.quinatum, stewardsonii

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Mon May 23 04:12:03 CEST 2005

Regarding triphyllum foliage types: after heavy fertilizing in early spring, I now find some of my triphyllums are producing 5 leaflets and one has 3 sets of leaves, thats right, 3 stems from one stalk. These were collected as select color but normal 3-leaflet plants.

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From: aaron floden <aaron_floden at YAHOO.COM>
Date: Saturday, May 21, 2005 9:45 am
Subject: A.quinatum, stewardsonii

> Hello,
> How many of us grow or have seen the true quinatum?
> Besides it's obvious foliar differences it has a
> curved spadix difference in spathe shape and it comes
> up when most of the triphyllum have begun to fade.
> For those that have not seen it and want to I can
> email picture privately. I can also send along photos
> of selected triphyllums. A dark purple midrib one is
> great.
> Why are ovale and amurense split due to one of them
> having raised ridges on the spathe yet they are almost
> identical, but triphyllum and stewardsonii are not
> seperated for the same reason yet they are easliy told
> apart by those that know them? I know that ovale and
> amurense have some issues with the number of leaves at
> maturity but I have forms of triphyllum that stay
> uni-folaite even at maturity.
> All the best,
> Aaron Floden
> Stilwell, KS
> Z5/6
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