Roslyn Duffus av623 at CHEBUCTO.NS.CA
Fri May 20 15:18:18 CEST 2005

Hi Leo,

That's great news for me as I am not so far from you. This year is the
year I will start planting out some of the arisaema species that I have
been growing on and wintering over in the fridge. Now that I have plenty
of extras, I am brave enough to take some chances. I have had A. flavum
out for several years and this year I am seeing growth from A. japonicum
(seed from ORGS seedex) that were put out last summer as tubers.

I have just planted my seed from the AEG seed exchange and am looking
forward to germination. I will get off my donation soon.
Roslyn Duffus
Maritime Zone 5b ish

On Thu, 19 May 2005, Leo Smit wrote:

> Oh my gosh, A. sikokianum is up and looks like it is going to flower,
> at last! This will be the 3rd species of Arisaema that I'll have grown
> to flowering (following an appropriate number of deaths, of course).
> Triphyllum 3 years ago (first fruiting last year), candidissimum last
> year although it was tucked away and I didn't see it until the flower
> was almost done. And now this one...!
> Here, it emerges simultaneously with A. triphyllum (garden varieties,
> not native).
> -Leo
> __________________________
> Leo Smit
> Mt Uniacke, Nova Scotia, Canada
> USDA Zone 5-ish, semi-maritime

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