who is eating my arisaema

Bill Plummer remmulp at STNY.RR.COM
Mon May 16 13:27:31 CEST 2005

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Deer have never eaten any of mine!

Bill Plummer
Painted Post New York
We have purchased property with a lovely creek and many acres of =woods.  To my delight, I discovered patches of native arisaema, but most =of them are very small.

I did find one substantially-sized plant - but when I went to =photograph it yesterday,  all were gone, with the largest one pulled out =by the tuber and the hood bitten off.

I can't find footprints.  

Do deer eat arisaema?  

I'm glad I have not begun to move my good ones!

Kathy Guest Shadrack
East Aurora, NY
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