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Arisaema nepenthoides came up for me about the same time as triphyllum, a=lthough it tries earlier sometimes. I have 2 new tubers this year. Ones f=rom years ago were in a bad location - too much winter wet - and got some=kind of leaf fungus or virus - purple streaks in the leaves- every year =as they diminished in size.

I now have one in damp sphagnum in the refridgerator, with no sign of awa=kening yet, and one planted in the garden on its side in a raised, well d=raining bed.

No outdoor Arisaemas up here yet. Only a few crocuses and the Red Maple h=ave shown their blooms, and the Helleborus hybridus types are late this y=ear and just starting to put out buds.


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From: Gene Bush <genebush at OTHERSIDE.COM>
Date: Friday, March 18, 2005 8:27 am
Subject: Re: Arisaema nepenthoides

> Hello,
>    Over winter I ordered some A. nepenthoides. They are still in
> the root cellar, but getting close to time to find them a
> permanent home. Anyone in the mid west to north growing this
> species in the open garden? Sure would like some sound advice on
> hardiness and any tricks that would help insure survival.
>    Thanks,
> Gene E. Bush
> Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, llc
> genebush at
> Zone 6/5  Southern Indiana
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>  From: Martin Ashworth
>  Hi all
>  Greetings from the UK where the weather is starting to warm up a
> bit.  I have Arisaema nepenthoides in flower.
>  OK it is in a pot growing inside, not outside as global warming
> not produced mild enough winters yet.
>  In pots I can enjoy arisaemas early.
>  Speciosum, lobatum, omiense and propinquum tubers are all
> begining to shoot. All of these are in an unheated greenhouse in
> pots, awaiting the construction later this year of a new raised bed.
>  Martin Ashworth

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