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> Dear All,
> Once again I'm crossposting this message and I apologize to those who
> are on more than one of the lists.
> Thanks to all who have taken time to comment.  APHIS heard the
> requests for a time extension and has granted one.
> The comment period has been extended until April 11, 2005.
> This may be the single most important issue the gardening community
> ever has to face; the proposed regulations will affect gardeners in
> every country.  Since there is no central organization to speak for
> horticulture, it is important that we do not ignore this opportunity,
> thinking someone else will take care of it.  There is no someone
> else; we are it.
> While comments have been coming in on the docket site, I hope more of
> you will make the time to take advantage of this extension and send
> in your comments.  APHIS will respond to your concerns if they are
> stated in a civil manner; clear reasoning supported by personal
> experience is especially helpful; rants of frustration with past or
> present are not.
> It would also be very helpful if you are able to get the word out to
> smaller nurseries and growers who are either not online; not on the
> mailing lists or too busy keeping their heads above water to keep up
> with regulatory issues.  These regulations will affect them directly
> and they need to know about them so that they are able express their
> needs and concerns to APHIS.
> Unfortunately, one cannot create a direct link to the actual
> document.  To find it, go to the main docket list page:
> If the above URL breaks on your email program, use this one:
> The first item on the page listing, Nursery Stock Regulations, is
> the notice of the extension of the comment period - you cannot reach
> the document from it.
> Scroll down the page.  The docket is about the 18th item down the
> page.
> You will see this:
> Nursery Stock Regulations
> Docket No. 03-069-1
> Advance notice of proposed rulemaking and request for comments
> 7 CFR Part 319
> Published December 10, 2004
> 69 FR 71736-71744
> Text | PDF | EDOCKET
> The above three items are the links on the APHIS site to the actual
> document. The first is to a text file on the web.  The second
> downloads an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file to your computer.  The third
> links to the page with comments that have been made, which contains
> links that you can use to submit your own comment.
> Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
> mtalt at
> Editor:  Gardening in Shade
> Shadyside Garden Designs
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