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Hello AEG

My name is Roz and I garden outside of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I just received my intro package and thank the group and Ray in particula=r
for all the info. My computer access is limited to text so I will have to
go to the library to take the fullest advantage of all that is offered
here. My collection of arisaemas is mostly from seed and most still too
small to flower. It helps to be patient, but I try to get more than one
growing season in a year by storing in the fridge for two to three months
before bringing into growth for a second time. Some like A. ringens are
raring to go and others like A. japonicum  come only when they are ready.
My climate is maritime zone 5-6?.
Since most of my plants are from seed, mostly from the Ontario Rock Garde=n
Society, I was wondering how much hybridization I should expect or should
they be mostly true to the name given? I guess this will depend how many
different plants the grower had but do they cross easily?

Many thanks
Roz Duffus

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