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Fri Jul 29 01:41:48 CEST 2005

Hello Carolyn.  I'm definitely not an expert--but this time of year, it
could  be going dormant until next spring.  If there are no little red-brown
raised spots on the underside (Uromyces triphylli) that's best gues.  A
number of mine, with some of the Asians doing that right now after 90+
weather--those that didn't do it two months ago.

Seedlings will do it earlier with any kind of drying.    Adam Fikso in
Glenview, IL USDA Z5a.

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From: "Carolyn Schaffner" <drsnooks at BUFFNET.NET>
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Subject: virus?

> Hello!
> Are Arisaema susceptible to any virus??  I have one small A -- a some kind
> of tryphyllum bulblet -- with mottling that seems to be like a virus. It's
> on its way to dying.
> Carolyn Schaffner in cooled-off Buffalo, NY

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