Seeds on the stem went dry

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>  When this happens, it generally means that there was no pollination, > but that the ova were triggered into the early stages of development > by some other stimulus. In other words, a false pregnancy!
>  Remember that almost all arisaemas have only male or female flowers > on any given plant, so that unless you have both sexes of the species > (or something related closely enough to hybridize), viable seeds won't > be produced.
>  Granted, some say that there can be occasional viable seed production > without pollination by a process called apomixis (comparable to 
> parthenogenesis in animals) but I've never seen any convincing 
> evidence of such in arisaemas. Info about this should be available in > the archives from postings a few years ago.
>  Jim
>  Jim McClements
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>  Dover, Delaware 19904, USA
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>  302-734-2836
Hi Jim, I wrote to your address a mail with some pictures, may be that mail was lost ?

For the seeds dry, I must say that at the end of June we had here a 
very high temperature, over 35 °/37°  despite of some storms with a =lot 
of rain.

I saw that the seeds of Dracontium and Consanguineum, started and 
packed on 30 June, took a week to show the first germs, now with the 
same seeds started and packed on July 15, with 10° less outside, they took 11 days to start germination.

In that hot period I saw the seeds stopping to rippen, some plants also who started ( very late )   coming out from soil didn't flower and 
those plants were very slow in growth.

I am now growing Flavum abb. seedlings, Dracontium ( from a plant I 
bought in Rome), and Consanguineum, with pots with akadama, ( like 
Turface ) and they seem fine, i water them once a day, at night 
together with the bonsai I have in shadow.
Early to say if Osmocote is working well or not, but till now 
everything is OK, some pictures available of potted seeds and 

Thanks and regards
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