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Hello fellow growers,

My name is Martin and I've just joined the AEG.  I have grown various tuberous aroid over the years with varying amounts of success but this has taken off over the last four since I moved to my present house and garden which as milder conditions than  my previous.I have been a grower of a wide range of plants since childhood with cacti and succulents being an early interest that has stayed with me on and off. I have always grown alpines and bulbous plants and have an abiding love of hardy orchids but the fascination of the arums and arisaemas runs a very close second.

My garden is on a neutral clay but all beds have had several tons of grit sand worked in or been replaced with a more loamy soil also with added grit sand. The garden has a slope down to the south and much is sunny. All beds are raised to some extent so draining is near perfect. Most of my other aroids are planted in the sunny beds and seem to thrive. The arisaemas mostly live in a shady bed created under a fence and hedge with japanese maples and rhus providing a light canopy.

My education focused on ecology and although I now work in an office I have kept my interest. I am therefore keen to grow seed or plants that have collection data to increase my understanding of a species tolerances and variances.

I see my self as very much an enthusiastic amateur and hope to learn a lot from all of you.

Kind Regards and good growing,

Martin Jackson

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