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Hi all, need some help. I bought a tuber of what was described as =jingdongense, 'a perfect minature'. Now that it has flowered, the colour =of the flower is not as described by Guy as sulphur yellow but more like =consanguineum subsp. kelung-insulare in colour. A desciption follows;
Pseudostem - 25cm
Petiole - 13cm
Leaflets - 11, 11.5cm long, 1cm wide, acuminate - short point. Edges not =wavy.
Peduncle - 4cm
Spathe tube - 6cm long, 1cm wide. Pale green, white stripes
Spathe appendix - 4cm long, 3.5 cm wide at widest point
Spathe mouth - recurved, 2cm wide
Spadix cylindrical, female + neuters. Pale green.

Can jingdongense be pale green, white stripes in colour and is it really =this small?
I can e-mail a photo to anyone who would like to see it.


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