SeedEx 2006

Andrea doublemom_94 at COMCAST.NET
Fri Dec 9 17:48:59 CET 2005

I don't think ANY arisaema is boring, and I for one would love to try =some
of your seeds.  I can't wait until most of my plants are mature enough =that
I can also share seeds for the exchange.  My vote is to send them on in, =and
if nobody else wants them, I'll sure give them a good home :)

Washington State, Zone 8

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Most of my Arisaema seeds are spoken for, either in my own prop. plans =or in

those of friends. But one of the most attractive Arisaema taxa, ciliatum =
var. liubaense, is so prolific that I have hundreds of seeds to spare. I =
have almost as manmy tubers, but they require phytos, so let that pass.

This is the original form collected by Carla Teune.

My question is, are such seeds at all interesting for the seed exchange? =I 
would be happy to send some in, but I am pretty sure that this will be a =
common donation, and I don't want you all to drop into a trance of =boredom.

Paige Woodward
paige at

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