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I did a Google on Arisaema storage and check the archives but I couldn't
find information on winter storage tricks. I thought that I saw something
sometime or other about it on the list.

Anyway, I don't think it has been discussed for a long time so, here goes.

Does anyone have any good tricks for keeping corms over winter. Here is t=he
problem. There are a lot of different species, but they each have a varie=ty
of sizes from around 4mm. to 8-10cm. It is a real drag trying to find the
small stored bulbs in a mess of peat, but when I tried putting them betwe=en
two layers of Remay (spun fiber garden cloth) with peat above and below f=or
moisture control, they species sometimes got mixed by some of our employe=es
and it was tedious. I used to leave them in the pots over winter but they
really do stay too wet here, even under cover and I was getting rot on th=e
larger corms.

So, any brilliant ideas out there? By the way, I don't keep them in a fri=dge
or anything, just a cool greenhouse that doesn't freeze. Ha anyone tried =a
fine grade of perlite? Seems like they would be pretty visible in that.

Ernie O'Byrne
Northwest Garden Nursery
86813 Central Road
Eugene, ORegon 97402

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