arisaema hybrids

Jai Yu yu918 at PRIMUS.COM.AU
Tue May 25 13:29:37 CEST 2004

Dear All

I've managed to get seedlings from a cross (I hope they are hybrids)
between A. candidissimum and A. franchetianum.

These are only 1 year old. Since both parent species are very similar,
there are many years of growing before I can confirm whether they are
actually hybrids.


Melbourne, Australia

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Thanks for the updates on Roy's work.  Are there any wide
crosses in the
group that you can tell?  I'm still growing species hostas and
I don't think arisaemas have a chance of getting to that level if we all
started regular breeding programs.

> Tony
>   nicely variegated leaves and spadices not unlike sikokianum in
> So far they seem to be longer lived than sikokianum, although not as
> I share Pascal Bruggeman's concern that the popularity of arisaemas as
>garden plants, together with what seems to be a readiness to interbreed
>(even between separate sections), may soon wipe out many separate
>and turn our garden arisaemas into healthy mongrels!
> Jim
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