Rand Nicholson writserv at NBNET.NB.CA
Thu May 6 17:41:40 CEST 2004

Hi All:

How variable is A. taiwanese? I have a two year old seedling from the Seedex that is up and (surprise!) blooming, but it looks little like the picture of A, taiwanese on the web page. It is definitely striped, top to bottom, a chocolate colour with green and the spadix is smooth and spotted the same colour. It does have the same nice rat's tail from the hood and the overall shape is the same, if seeming to be more slender and tubular. The (one) leaf looks exactly like the A. taiwanese leaf on the Arisaema web.

This one is an early riser indoors, and is not getting the light I would have chosen for it a month later, in our, still, pick-a-frost-tonight northern climate, when it would have been set outside with its cousins.

I've just gotta get Guy's book. Anyone know of a good supplier in Canada?


Rand Nicholson
Zone 5b Eastern Maritime Canada

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