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Gary Lewis garylewis at SHAW.CA
Thu May 6 06:40:05 CEST 2004

Hello All,

Glad to have just joined. So many resources, so little time.

I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We're USDA Zone 8b here so quite mild.  We get snow a few times a winter. Sometimes not at all.  It's a great climate for growing perennials and bulbs.  I've been growing Arisaema for about 4-5 years with my partner Randy.  We have about 16 species here which we love.  I knew that Randy had finally graduated to become a "sophisticated" gardener when he stopped saying "why do you want those things" (referring to Arisaema at a nursery) and started saying "Oh, come on! Can't I have one more?".  I also love the genus Amorphophallus and now have about 8-10 species.

I'm completing a Masters in Botany at the University of BC on the vegetation of serpentine soils.  I've also just bought a small nursery (see link below for the not-so-updated webpage) that grows perennials, fragrant shrubs, and other interesting things. One reason I'm excited about joining is access to the wonderful seed list.  I hope to develop a nice Arisaema section at the nursery.  I'm also hoping to find some sources for Arisaema bulbs.  So if any of you are aware of them, let me know.  I've heard about this Chinese source, but what about Europe? Anything out of Holland?

Cheers, Gary

Gary Lewis

M.Sc. Candidate
Department of Botany, UBC
Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd.
Specializing in Distinct Perennials, Fragrant Shrubs, Hardy Subtropicals and the Botanically Intriguing.
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