New member

stevenk stevenk at MED.USYD.EDU.AU
Wed May 5 12:53:03 CEST 2004

Hullo all

Just thought I would introduce myself being a new member to this group.

I live in Sydney Australia and have recently gotten the "bug"
to grow and collect various spp of Ariseama. I currently grow about 7
species and a couple of other aroids mixed in with a general
collection of Australian orchid species, a few african bulbs,
pachypodiums and some other miscellaneus botanicals.

I have a general interest in all things biological, and have
travelled much of Australia to see the flora and fauna.

I currently work as a Technician in Pathology, Sydney University.

Still reading up on this genus so I am still formulating some
tricky questions to ask.

Stephen Kum Jew

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