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Thanks for the history lesson. I've never been very good at keeping
these political things straight.

Yes!  The cards arrived yesterday and they're wonderful! Rose Ann
made off with them immediately (I did get a long look though).
Thanks. They helped us wait while spring settles in,

Sounds like I could use Pascal here for a while, Although I finally have
this new machine working well enough that I don't even turn on the
old one anymore. I find XP, while vastly superior to WIN95, 98, etc.
and even better than my doctored up WIN3.11, to be flakie at times,
Seems to have a mind of it's own at times, The real breakthrough for
me was finding the "WinBatch" software. It lets me easily get the
machine to do things the way I want it to rather than the way Bill Gates =thinks
it ought to do things.
For example, I do a routine daily that requires going
to the internet, downloading data, editing it to the proper form to inser=t
it into a spreadsheet, distributing it from that sheet to others, and fin=ally
viewing the result. It takes a minimum of 12 mouse clicks (and rememberin=g
what to click each time) to do it with raw XP. Using WinBatch, ONE click
does it all. I can go do other things while the machine does the work.

Of course, now I have to worry about virus infection. No self respecting
hacker would bother with my old WIN3.11 machine and the modern
viruses wouldn't work on it.

Enough of machines! The Hellebores are out finally, Crocus are
finishing, Vinca minor and Houstonia  are really starting to bloom.
Forsithia  and Chaenomeles are in full bloom. Spring is really
trying hard. Grace is having a ball discovering all the different flowers=,
but throwing stones in the lake is still more fun.



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