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Subject: Ireland is NOT the UK!!
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Ray et al: PLEASE do NOT lump Ireland in with the UK. We are extremely
sensitive about that here, and you will find the same is true for Scotlan=d ,
Wales, and other formerly occupied members of the erstwhile empire. Lumpi=ng
Ireland in with England (the UK is  fast-disappearing as such) is only
slightly less ridiculous than lumping Australia or the U.S. in. I think y=ou
get my point......

Erik van Lennep

>   2. AEG Member List

>...Here is the official list.

>although the UK lumps together Ireland, Scotland, and England so
>there are really 21.

>End of ARISAEMA-L Digest - 10 Mar 2004 to 11 Mar 2004 (#2004-12)

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