FC Distribution 2004/1

Fausto Ceni fausto at FAUSTOCENI.IT
Sun Feb 8 10:32:36 CET 2004

Dear friends,

I have some tubers to distribute; sorry that they are about the same of last

(The following text is the same of preceding distributions, I hope you can
understand that it is for me very difficult to write a new english text !)

Althought offer in exchange is very, very appreciated, it is not
necessary (I know what is to have nothing to give in exchange!!).
Please, don't hurt if I don't accept the plants you offer: may be
I have already them or don't love them, but your offer is appreciated
in the same way both if I accept it or not.
You should only understand that the people that gave me plants, literature
or support in the past, will have the priority in the choice.

I am searching (but be not frightened and don't laugh):

- All (un)usual Amaryllids
- Sternbergia (not sicula or lutea)
- North Am. Hymenocallis
- Disa, Pleione and terrestrial Orchids
- Arisaema sikokianum
- Amorphophallus (not the same I am distributing!)
- Tuberous Aroids, all
- Insectivorous plants
- Stapelia, Lithops, cacti and other succulents, little size
- Ferns, hardy, medium - big size
- Cycads seeds
- Helleborus thibetanus & vesicarius
- Your surplus: try to offer!!!!
- What grows in your country

You have surely in your garden or on your mountains something for me.
Try to offer!!!!

Rules to apply:

- Don't use absolutely the Re function of your software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Type in the subject row of the message:  FC Distribution 2004/1
- I cannot give any kind of certificates.
- Money is not requested.
- Remember for future reference the FC###.
- The requests should be sent to my E-mail address fausto at faustoceni.it;
- They should come to me before 15th February and I will answer and send
confirmations and items only later: Please be patient.
- Please, to help me you should:
in the message first give your name and post address
give genus and species;
best when you use the copy/paste function from the text of my list
at the end eventually your comunications
- Remember to give your snail-mail address!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Again: remember to give your snail-mail address!!!!!!
- Sure that you gave me your snail-mail address????????

This is the (short) list


Amorphophallus albus 1369
Amorphophallus konjak 1003
Amorphophallus konjak  1388 from China
Amorphophallus odoratus 1019
Arisaema candidissimum 1004
Arisaema fargesii 400
Arisaema fargesii 1139
Arisaema ringens 1016
Eucomis pallidiflora
Eucomis zambesiaca


Sauromatum venosum



PS: my new E-mail address is: fausto at faustoceni.it
the old one is still usable for some time

site at  http://faustoceni.tripod.com/
Dr. Ing. Fausto Ceni
Via Marsala 8
I-25122  BRESCIA        ITALY
Climate like USDA Zone 8

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