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Sun Aug 29 03:13:31 CEST 2004

Dear Adam,

>Thank you for your response, Pascal.  However, I must question  the logi=c
>your statement.--  rather than: "the only option, unfortunately"--perhap=s,
>"the only currently known option."

True, it is the only known option thusfar. I am sure not all possible tre=atments
have been tried but thusfar no one has come up with an alternative. After=
I initially mistook an attack of red mites on some of my rare species as
a suspected infection of Arisaema rust, I have looked into it a little cl=oser
and found out that some very powerful systematic fungicides already have
been tried and were uneffective. Fungicides so harmful that they are now
banned in Holland (like Benlate) which suggests that the systematic fungi=cides
currently still allowed will do no better. Unfortunately your alternative=
"to live with it" is no option as Uromyces ari-triphyllii weakens the pla=nts
and causes them to die within a few seasons. Virus-infected Arisaema have=
a similar fate. Fortunately I only grow Asian species so have not had pro=blems
with rust yet but I have ecountered virus-infected populations of galeatu=m
in the wild which looked miserable. I have revisted the same populations
2 years later and could not find them anymore despite the fact that the
habitat was still intact. I am not sure if the same situation apllies to
rust-infected populations of triphyllum but evolution was helpless when
it came to the virus-infection of galeatum..



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