Henry's request for wholesale dealer of A. dracontium

Henry treehugger53ah at YAHOO.COM
Sun Aug 8 21:28:26 CEST 2004

Has anyone used this nursery? What kind of a reputation do they have?

The last time I bought wholesale /A. dracontium/ from Tennessee they
turned out to be /A. triphyllum/ when they came up.

--- Adam Fikso <irisman at AMERITECH.NET> wrote:

> Hello Henry:  Green Valley Nursery Co.,  (Steve and Betty Scott)  @
> 2084
> Beersheba St., (on H'way 56.S) Mc Minnville, TN. offers A. dracontium
> at
> $45.00/100.
>  They come up if you do a web search under Green Valley Nursery
> Company.
> They say they only sell to the trade, but if you talk to them nice on
> the
> phone, they might make an exception when you tell them it's for
> school kids
> .   , Adam  in Glenview, IL  Zone 5a

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