Actaea pachypoda v. rubrocarpa

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Dear Ellen,
According to my old Britton Brown and my even older Gray's manual, the
red form of Actaea pachypoda is forma rubrocarpa which, according to
the nomenclature would indicate that it isn't a hybrid.  If there has
been a revision in the systematics of the genus in the years since my
books were written, I  will stand corrected.

I think I grew some rubrocarpa from seed  and it too came true.

On Sunday, July 25, 2004, at 10:01 AM, Ellen Hornig wrote:

> I just went for a walk in our woods and discovered several plants of A.
> pachypoda v. rubrocarpa, the deep-magenta-pink-berried form of A.
> pachypoda (it's been a wet year here-  grand for fruit formation  - I
> never saw many Actaea berries in the woods before, and now they're
> everywhere).  My question, following an inconclusive search in my
> library
> and on the web, is this: is this form currently regarded as a variety
> of
> A. pachypoda, or as a hybrid between A. pachypoda and A. rubra?
> The fact that it comes true from seed (I know this because I have a few
> seed-grown plants, from seed from another source, and they're all
> identical) argues against being a hybrid form, doesn't it?
> Anyway, finding it in the woods was a nice surprise.  Further
> elucidation
> is eagerly awaited.
> Ellen
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