Anne Chambers annechambers at SUILVEN0.DEMON.CO.UK
Sat Sep 27 22:14:29 CEST 2003

When I read Ray's account of his ringens I think the Scottish climate
must 'bonzai' some arisaemas! My ringens is several years old, leaves
never get more than 12 inches tall and I'm sure the spathe limb is no
more than 2.5 inches broad at the curly bit. Likewise my echinatum from
wild-collected seed in 1990 has a spathe that's only 5 inches tall - and
I really do feed these plants.

I intended to say a few days ago that despite the best summer for years
- least rain, most sunshine - the seed set is desperately poor this
autumn. Only limbatum, consanguineum, serratum have set plus one stem on
my odd form of speciosum v. mirabile, sorry, folks. Hope other people
have had more success.
Anne Chambers

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