There be Arisaemas here!!!!!

Paul Tyerman ptyerman at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sat Sep 27 16:10:08 CEST 2003

>Not so.  Arisaema inflorescences have many flowers. It's just that they're
>inside the spathe and very small.


Yeah, I should have thought of that.  But you knew what I meant <grin>

>My mature ones get about 6 inches (150mm) across the curl. The
>leaves are usually 2 feet (600mm) across, but the plant is rather short.
>Many A. ringens will get over 3 feet (900mm) tall and these are only about
>2 1/2 feet (750mm) tall.

Mine is just a fraction of that size... probably about a quarter or it.
The leaves will still fill out a long way from here as well (they were much
larger last year than they are now, but that was when they were fully
expanded).  Given how small this flower was I had to wonder how much
smaller it was than mature, but then again some of them aren't THAT big
even when mature plants so I had no real idea.  Thanks very much for the
dimensions..... I'll look forward to something a little larger and even
MORE impressive next year.


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