Hardy aroids

W. George Schmid hostahill at BELLSOUTH.NET
Thu Sep 25 17:05:35 CEST 2003

Hi Jim, All,
Following a 4-year drought, we had a 15 inch rain surplus here in Tucker GA
by the end of July (a total of 57 inches). Then, starting August 1, no rain
until yesterday, when 2 inches fell.
Practically all my native A. triphyllum had seed pods. All of the exotic
arisaemas had no seed pods and are dormant now, except A. ringens, which is
showing signs of going down. Amorphs are still up, particularly konjac, some
as tall as 6 feet, but bulbifer is collapsing after having formed good size
bulb in the leaflet axils. Most of the other more tender amorphs are down
now. None of the exotic arisaemas nor amorphs had seed pods. All of my
Typhonium (Sauromatum) venosum plants had large seed pods as did Dracunculus
vulgaris. Strange!? George

W. George Schmid
Hosta Hill - Tucker Georgia USA
Zone 7a - 1188 feet AMSL
84-12'-30" West_33-51' North
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