Hardy aroids

James Waddick jwaddick at KC.RR.COM
Wed Sep 24 15:50:31 CEST 2003

Dear all;
I have been meaning to drop a couple a notes here.

Typhonum giganteum
After a record drought in July and nearly the same in August,
Typhonium giganteum did not appear until around the 5th of Septmeber.
Amazing that this aroid can wait SO long to produce leaves then
return to 9 or 10 months of dormancy so quickly. Of course the
foliage is small this year probably due to water stress.

Biarum tenuifolium
Having tried this with partial success a few time. last fall
I got a couple bulbs and planted them on a high and dry rock wall
ledge. Foliage lasted through the winter. I just noticed they are up
again with more foliage over a wider area and the first ever bloom is
being produced, but not yet open. I knew from previous efforts that
they should be hardy, but just needed the added 'abuse' of drought to
make them really happy. MAy have to try otheras in a similar site.

In general the drought resulted in early dormancy for most
species  here and little seed set. There's always next year. Foliage
also seemed smaller and growth was less vigorous.

Anyone else having similar experience or alternate from the
wet east coast?

Jim W.

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