Diploid Arisaema triphyllum

W. George Schmid hostahill at BELLSOUTH.NET
Thu Sep 4 17:56:26 CEST 2003

Hi All,
The giant diploid A. triphyllum is also found in central and northern
Georgia. I observed and photographed a small colony near Black Rock
Mountain, NE Georgia this June. I also rescued a few individuals in the
northeastern suburbs of Atlanta. I found them many years ago in a rocky
ravine behind our dead-end street near Tucker, Georgia. As I recall it was
in 1969 or 1970. The ravine is still there but most of the wildflowers are
gone. Hurricane Opal felled a number of very large trees which opened up the
sky and poison ivy has taken over the area. It grew in the same general area
along with Polygonatum, Trillium, Goodyera, Tipularia, and many grape and
rattlesnake ferns. I rescued all of them with the land owners permission.
Tony Avent came maybe three years ago and I gave him a "huge" (3 inch/7.5 cm
in diameter) tuber that Petra Schmidt used as a start for propagation.
Sorry, but there is no longer a natural population here that I now of due to
the poison ivy. Petra tells me the plant I gave them had a huge seed pod and
I guess they will make it available to all if they get germination. The
average height is 120 cm (4 feet), with one reaching 130 cm (a little over 4
feet) in 2002. After many years they are still large with the pseudostem
reaching a diameter of 4cm (1.5 inches) at the base. Petra Schmidt confirms
that in 2002 her plant reached the same large proportions in their trial
beds. BTW, the inflorescence is all-green and they usualle go down by August
1. A color picture of it is in my new book Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials.

W. George Schmid
Hosta Hill - Tucker Georgia USA
Zone 7a - 1188 feet AMSL
84-12'-30" West_33-51' North
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> Hello Jim and Gene.  I think I got Gene mixed up with a person in Georgia.
> It happens. Thanks for clarification.
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> > Hello Jim,
> >     The Arisaema triphyllum came from along the Ohio river over in
> Lockport,
> > IN, back up on one of the hillsides in a steep valley. Old logging road
> > through forest. It will make offsets for you.... or should.
> >     My sister in law has a Jack she found

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