FC distribution 2003/2 for friends

Fausto Ceni fausto at FAUSTOCENI.IT
Thu Sep 4 00:27:18 CEST 2003

Dear friends,

It is time for my usual late summer
There are some bulbs/tubers to give you and
also some seed.

Althought offer in exchange is very, very
appreciated, it is not
necessary (I know what is to have nothing to
give in exchange!!).
Please, don't hurt if I don't accept the
plants you offer: may be
I have already them or don't love them, but
your offer is appreciated
in the same way both if I accept it or not.
You should only understand that the people
that gave me plants, literature
or support in the past, will have the
priority in the choice.

I am searching:

- All (un)usual Amaryllids
- Sternbergia (not sicula or lutea)
- Galanthus (not nivalis)
- North Am. Hymenocallis
- Disa and terrestrial Orchids
- Tecophilaea
- Arisaema griffithii, sikokianum (et other)
- Amorphophallus
- Lysichiton
- Symplocarpus
- Tuberous Aroids, all
- Androcymbium
- Insectivorous plants
- Stapelia, Lithops and other succulents
little size
- Cactaceae, little size
- Ferns, hardy, big size
- Seeds of Cycads (little/medium size)
- Your surplus: try to offer!!!!
- What grows in your garden or on the
mountains near you.

Rules to apply:

- Don't use absolutely the Re function of
your software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Send request to the following E-mail
address: fausto at faustoceni.it
- The request should come to me before 12th
September and I will answer and send
most confirmations and items only later:
please be patient.
- Type in the subject row of the message:  FC
Distribution 2003/2
- I cannot give any kind of certificates. In
the past only two parcels to USA were
intercepted, only one confiscated. For NZ and
AU it is another thing: it is possible to
send only seeds (or something that look like
Crinum seeds ......, it works).
- Money is not requested.
- Remember for future reference the FC###.
- Please, to help me you should:
in the message first give your name
and post address
give genus and species;
best when you use the copy/paste function
from the text of my list
at the end eventually your
- Remember to give your mail
- Again: remember to give your mail
- Sure that you gave me your mail

This is the list:


Abuca                   juncifolia              mix
Arisarum                vulgare         343
Arum                    concinnatum             801 big, from plants
collected in Crete
Arum                    dioscoridis             mixed
Arum                    elongatum               738
Arum            italicum albispathum    1327
Arum                    orientale               mix
Arum                    rupicola                948
Arum                    purpureospathum 839 from plants
collected in Crete, very few
Arum                    mixed from Turkey, tuber globose
Chasmante               aethiopica              mix
Chasmante               bicolor         mix
Dracunculus             canariensis             686 very few
Ferraria                crispa          mix
Ferraria                crispa notieri  mix
Fritillaria             pontica         1262
Ipheion         uniflorum               1248
Morea                   sp                      mix
Narcissus               fernandesi              1238
Narcissus               quatrecasasi    361 very few
Narcissus               watieri         308 from plants colleced
in Morocco, unusual
Ornithogalum    arabicum                516
Pancratium              maritimum               mix
Pancratium              illyricum               328 from Sardinia,
very few
Romulea         requienii               322 from Sardinia, little
Scilla          peruviana               494
Scilla          hughii          410 rare, for specialist of
the Genus, very few
Scilla          sicula          479 rare, for specialist of
the Genus, very few
Scilla          hyacinthoides   631
Serapias                lingua          530 very interesting and
easy terr. orchids
Sternbergia             lutea                   mix, from Italy
Zantedeschia    albomaculata    1218
Zephyranthes    candida         401 near flowering size


Androcymbium    rechingeri              852 rare, for
specialist of the Genus, very few
Arum                    italicum                mix wild
Arum                    concinnatum             801
Arisaema                flavum          mix
Bellavalia              romana          1223
Capparis                spinosa         not bulb/tuber!!!!
Dracunculus             vulgaris                796
Fritillaria             obliqua         1060
Habranthus              robustus                mix
Habranthus              longistylus             1681
Hippeastrelia                           mix
Hyacinthoides   hispanica algeriensis 316
Iris                    aphylla         1116
Iris                    foetidissima    220
Lilium          martagon                838
Muscari         spritzendorfleri        854 unusual, from
plants collected in Crete
Narcissus               poeticus                mix wild
Paeonia         lactiflora              1145 Kaichen
Paeonia         mascula mascula mix from Sardinia
Paeonia         russii          mix from Sardinia
Pancratium              illyricum               328 collected in
Zephyranthes    andersonii              mix
Zephyranthes    drummondi               mix



site at  http://faustoceni.tripod.com/
Dr. Ing. Fausto Ceni
Via Marsala 8
I-25122  BRESCIA        ITALY
Climate like USDA Zone 8

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