Diploid Arisaema triphyllum

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Dear Jim: can you spare a tuber or seed from the giant triphyllum:  Also,
there seems to be some assumption that the ordinary triphyllum is
tetraploid?  Is this based on a piece of literature somewhere.?      Do I
need to check the IUCN for this?

Did I mention that I made a bog garden in a flat flower pot undertray from
Home Depot.?  about 4 x 26"    (I hit the mud  with a hose when it seems to
dry out. )  Calla palustris is growing there as well as junder water  in a
bathtub sunken into my backyard which has been there for years. It's only
been planted a week, but it looks  as if it's definitiely taking hold.

Have some more seed from ornamental calls, but not clear on what the names
are.  They all seem to have ben spopntaneous. on  pinks , like Anneke and
seed also maybe on Black Pearl offered by Park .  Am perfectly willing to
share .  SOme of the hybrid seed (Elliottiana x albomaculata cross) I sent
you has germinated and little plants are up about 5'  with 3-5 leaves.  Put
them in stronger sun today.  I do plant to try to hybridize palustris with
any of teh South African types that are willing to coperate, preferably the
Crowborough form of aethiopica.  Regards.  Adam

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Subject: Diploid Arisaema triphyllum

> Hi all,
> As I recall, A. triphyllum stewardsonii is diploid, and as noted in Gusman
> & Gusman, they are swamp dwellers.   Don Hackenberry
> <donhackenberry at acsworld.com> has A. stewardsonii in his Fall 2003 list,
> case anyone is interested. I've already ordered a few from him.
> Since I want stewardsonii and don't live in a swamp, does anyone have any
> tips on how to grow these? Would they need as much water as Calla
> Here in central Indiana, I assume we have the typical tetraploid A.
> triphyllum triphyllum as the native form. Mine grow in a dry woodland
> I got a couple A. triphyllum from Gene Bush a couple years ago, and these
> are turning into giant plants compared to the local natives I have not far
> away. These large types still. have some foliage, whereas the local
> triphyllum lost all their above-ground parts weeks ago.
> Regards,
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana
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