Builbmeister offerings.

Gusman Guy ggusman at ULB.AC.BE
Wed Nov 26 11:15:07 CET 2003

>Re:  my last posting was as a reply to Diane Whitehead.
> Bulbmeister's offerings do not match up with the Gusmans' revision and
>include barnesii, calcareum,prazeri, and  some questionable names :
>austro-yunnanense, bannaensis,     among others, but the list seems worth
>investigating.  Who knows what jewels may turn up?     Adam Fikso, Glenview,
If the Chinese source of Bulbmeiter's is the same as mine, last year, I got an Amorphophallus sp.  as Arisaema austro-yunnanense and a very interesting form of Pinellia ternata - fully hardy - with very narrow leaflets, ordered as Arisaema bathycoleum, but the confusion is easy at first glance and when not in flower. Pascal Bruggeman already noted my posting about A. petelotii - received as A. calcareum -, also a very interesting addition but, as he pointed out, not hardy.
As you wrote, nice jewels.
G. Gusman

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