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Most of these names seem to come from another Chinese nursery of which several
of the rhizomatous species names (calcareum and calcareum var., austro-yunnanense,
bannaensis) have turned out to be tropical species including the A. petelottii
that Guy Gusman has posted a message of on Arisaema-L and Aroid-L. Unless
you can provide the right growing conditions for these species, better keep
away from these names as they will not do well in a garden with cold and
wet winters. If my assumption is correct about the original source, A. du-bois-reymondiae
might be A. hunanense.

I know the original source of the A. barnesii but it is difficult to asses
its ID yet. If it's the source I assume it is then the plants do come from
S India but they are of subtropical origin and cannot be grown in a temperate

Hope this helps but if anyone has bought these plants, try to make pictures
of them and post the pix on the ID-page for everyone to see and give their
thoughts on, there might be indeed some jewels among them.


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>Re:  my last posting was as a reply to Diane Whitehead.
Bulbmeister's offerings do not match up with the Gusmans' revision and
include barnesii, calcareum,prazeri, and  some questionable names :
austro-yunnanense, bannaensis,     among others, but
>he list seems worth
investigating.  Who knows what jewels may turn up?     Adam Fikso, Glenview,

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