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Gerard Olma OLMZZZ at AOL.COM
Mon Nov 17 16:56:02 CET 2003

Hello, I am Gerry Olma and I lve in Hamburg NY that is 10 minutes from Buffalo, NY. My "yarden" is located 1.5 miles from Lake Erie, locating me in zone 6. My interest in arisaema began around 30 years ago with a A. tripyhllum that actually is still growing on the side of my parent's house. All triphyllums at my house are from the seedpods that I simply threw on the ground or scratched in the ground ( do not remember - they just grew!)
I wonder if anyone has success with direct sowing in their gardens with the asian species?
I had A. speciosum and tortuosum that were lost due to possibly winter wetness or they were killed due to frost action or were not planted deep enough. The candidissimum that I had with them survived and that was fairly deep and it must have produced offsets as alot of small plant are coming up after I took care of the drainage issue.
I have read many of the articles in the archives and I am browsing the Arisaema L mail for info. I ordered Guy's book and it should be in soon.
I am in the process of ordering bulbs/tubers and seed.
Since   I am a science teacher I researched and still researching on growing arisaema.
I hope to have success and exchange ideas with other members.

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