Brad Pierog bepierog at MAIL.TECHLINE.COM
Sat Mar 22 17:29:48 CET 2003

Hello. My name is Brad Pierog and I have just joined the AEG so I thought I
should take a moment and introduce myself. I garden on the coast of
Washington state and have a very small, but slowly growing, collection of
arisaemas. I had never seen one of these plants until I happened to come
across a few varieties at a hosta nursery a few years ago. I was intrigued
by them and have been buying one or two a year since then. I have been
aquiring them slowly as I am unsure how well they will survive our very wet
winters, but so far they seem to have done quite well. I'm afraid that I
don't have a large store of knowledge to contribute, but I hope that
joining this group will help remedy that situation. Thanks for allowing me
to join, Brad

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