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Tue Mar 11 14:43:11 CET 2003

Hello again Petra,
Nothing to add other than my original thoughts. However would like to
add do go hear Petra speak if you get the opportunity in your area. Lots of
Arisaema slides to lust over, good presentation of information to enhance
the must-haves. Plus, one gets the opportunity to place a face and
personality with future messages on the List serve. In this case that is a
"good thing".
Gene E. Bush
Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, llc
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Zone 6/5  Southern Indiana

----- Original Message -----
> Hold on, this is really about arisaema...but the topic was raised during
> talk on arisaema at Hosta College over the weekend.  I shake my head as I
> write this, but you just never know...and now I ask you - do you know?
> The question raised to me was this:  Is it true that Asian arisaema cannot
> live in the same area where native arisaema have been grown?  A few people
> in the audience were told to plant them a few feet apart, that one would
> survive if the other had already been planted in that area.  Yes, I have
> grown them side by side without problem although I can't say that I have
> grown one in the exact same planting space that was previously holding the
> other.  The comment was made the one will "kill" the other.
> Gene Bush put a light on the subject by saying that maybe the problem
> related to arisaema rust problems; to protect the Asian species from the
> rust-prone native species and to plant them distances apart.  Aha!  Good
> answer!  That makes sense.
> Any other thoughts on this one?
> Petra

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