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Date:    Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:58:33 -0500
From:    Adam Fikso <irisman at AMERITECH.NET>
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Hello Carolyn.  You just told us how you move tubers   with the dirt and
compost from here to there.  I don't do that, .  At this point, I'm
beginning to suspect chipmunks, which dig all over, and often dig above and
near a tuber I've planted--in some cases, probably putting the tuber at

But there's still this problem:   If they move the seeds, and the seeds
germinate after being moved--  how come I don't see the seedlings before
they grow to be 8-12 inches tall and blooming in a place where  I would
notice anything unusual. Adam

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> Adam --
> I have triphyllum ALL OVER THE PLACE, also! I have no idea how it got
> from the backyard, disciplined under the garage eves for years, to the
> front yard, to the area under the new tri-colored beech, to the back of
> the pergola!
> The baby tubers are really tiny and follow the dirt with the weeds into
> the compost and into the wheelbarrow, fer sher.
> I also have those little 2"-ers -- some between the stones in my walk.
>  And some with huge leaves over there. Everyone who comes here wants
> one, and I sher encourage them to walk away with a few.
> Carolyn Schaffner in Buffalo, NY
> ***
> >I'm struggling with a similar problem in that I am seeing A. triphyllum
> >4 places where (I swear) it didn't exist  last year.
> >

I've found an unexpected tiny 5-leafleted plant where it shouldn't be.
Squirrels probably moved it (yard looks like an overpocketed golf course).
It may be one of my missing urashimas! See, I didn't need truck tracks.

I've found my other urashima still in site, the tuber apparently remaining
dormant. The squirrels may have helped by removing extra cover. They seem
to like leaving my Paris' rhizomes uncovered but not touched.  Maybe they
have better horticultural sense than I have!  Small peices of chicken wire
are laid all over the place now. Next spring everything will have to grow
up through the chicken wire mesh.

Now as all my consanguineums, heterophyllums, taiwanense, and flavums also
are up, and fargesiis (except for 1 long-bloomed anomolous one) and Kaichen
A-71 and yunnanense are starting, the only others I still expect to see are
candidissimums. Sadly I dug up my tortuosums and saxatiles up as clots of
smelly white mush.

Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ USA

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